security for companies

We help to make your company a safer space.

Our services

Physical security

Analysis of the threats and risks facing public and private spaces.

Security guards.

They ensure the prevention of crimes and the protection of people, goods and space.

Security with Canine.

Canines trained in the modalities of controlled defense, narcotics detection, explosive detection, search and rescue.

Media Operator.

Qualified person in the management of technological tools to carry out security and control work within an environment.


Accompaniment, defense and protection of people, vehicles and merchandise, preventing them from being the object of aggression or criminal acts.

Electronic security

Surveillance cameras

A system of video surveillance equipment, whose purpose is the supervision of different areas.

Alarm systems

Installation of a series of electronic alarm equipment, such as intrusion and emergency.

Alarm Monitoring

We receive signals and events from the installed alarm systems.

Access controls

Control and regulate the entry and exit of people in a company, home or area.

Reliability study

Evaluation and verification of the information provided by the collaborator to compare the components of their social, work, family and academic environment, carrying out: 

Verification of resume.

Home visit.

Polygraph test

It is in charge of detecting physiological reactions of a person, to determine if he answers truthfully or not to certain questions.

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