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We provide security services with more than 35 years of experience.

Somprehensive security

Physical security

We have extensive experience and commitment, trained in labor skills and customer service.

Electronic security

Systems that create signals that are received in our monitoring center controlling the risk.



Security guards

Surveillance cameras

Alarm systems

Monitoreo de Alarmas

Controles de acceso


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"Security is the principle of protecting what we take care of the most. "

Watch your spaces 24/7

Now you can monitor your business or home from your mobile device.

24/7 monitoring

Communication between the surveillance cameras and our monitoring center for a timely reaction.

intrusion alarm

Detects the presence of an unauthorized person in certain spaces.

video in real time

Monitor your spaces from anywhere in the world with your mobile phone.


We repair and configure your surveillance equipment.

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Alarm systems

Prevention of unauthorized intrusion

Motion detection in a space

Motion sensors

Door opening detector

light magnetic

Detection when a perimeter is invaded

perimeter barriers

Detection of breaks or sudden movements

glass breaks

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