Home security

Surveillance cameras

The closed circuit television, better known as CCTV, is a system of video surveillance equipment, whose purpose is the supervision of different points or areas. These teams are customized to adapt to the needs of each client, whether they are oriented towards security, surveillance or improvement of a service.

24/7 monitoring

Communication between the surveillance cameras and our monitoring center for a timely reaction.

intrusion alarm

Detects the presence of an unauthorized person in certain spaces.

video in real time

Monitor your spaces from anywhere in the world with your mobile phone.


We repair and configure your surveillance equipment.


Make every space in your home a safer place. 

Alarm systems

Installation of a series of electronic alarm equipment, such as intrusion and emergency.

Access controls

Control and regulate the entry and exit of people in a company, home or area.

Alarm Monitoring

We receive signals and events from the installed alarm systems.

Security guards

Security guards ensure the prevention of crimes and the protection of people and property.

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